Elasity Platform Features

Supporting Atlassian Server, Atlassian Data Center and Atlassian Stack Deployments

ELASITY PLATFORMAtlassian ServerAtlassian Data CenterAtlassian Stack
Dedicated VPC on AWS
EC2 Instance sized for each Atlassian Application
RDS for PostgreSQL (Multi-AZ with High Availability)Optional
High Availability: Active-Active Clustering, Distributed load, RedundancyN/A
Performance at Scale: Concurrent user capacity, Application Resilience, Quality of ServiceN/A
Instant Scalability with AutoscalingN/A
SSO Support (See FAQ)SAML 2.0SAML 2.0
Zero Downtime Upgrades (Data Center Only)
Disaster Recovery Service (Cross Region using Infrastructure as Code)OptionalOptionalOptional
Elasity Deployment Environments
- Production Environment
- Non-Production Environment (Staging/DEV/QA)OptionalOptionalOptional
- Test Environment (On-Demand)OptionalOptionalOptional
- Maintenance Environment (See Service Terms)
Email / Phone
Critical Incident SLA15min15min15min
Elasity VPC Management & Support
Atlassian Application Suite Support
Scheduled Maintenance & Upgrades (See Service Terms)
Backup & Recovery
Disaster Recovery Rehearsal Priced SeparatelyPriced SeparatelyPriced Separately

Standardize with Atlassian Stack

Atlassian Stack is a bundled offering that includes all Atlassian Data Center, Atlassian Server, Atlassian Add-ons products, and Premier Support. Reduce procurement costs & complexity; and connect all your teams to Atlassian.

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