Elasity Platform Features

Supporting Atlassian Server, Atlassian Data Center and Atlassian Stack Deployments

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ELASITY PLATFORMAtlassian ServerAtlassian Data CenterAtlassian Stack
Dedicated VPC on AWS
EC2 Instance sized for each Atlassian Application
RDS for PostgreSQL (Multi-AZ with High Availability)Optional
High Availability: Active-Active Clustering, Distributed load, RedundancyN/A
Performance at Scale: Concurrent user capacity, Application Resilience, Quality of ServiceN/A
Instant Scalability with AutoscalingN/A
SSO Support (See FAQ)SAML 2.0SAML 2.0
Zero Downtime Upgrades (Data Center Only)
Disaster Recovery Service (Cross Region using Infrastructure as Code)OptionalOptionalOptional
Elasity Deployment Environments
- Production Environment
- Non-Production Environment (Staging/DEV/QA)OptionalOptionalOptional
- Test Environment (On-Demand)OptionalOptionalOptional
- Maintenance Environment (See Service Terms)
Email / Phone
Critical Incident SLA15min15min15min
Elasity VPC Management & Support
Atlassian Application Suite Support
Scheduled Maintenance & Upgrades (See Service Terms)
Backup & Recovery
Disaster Recovery Rehearsal Priced SeparatelyPriced SeparatelyPriced Separately

Standardize with Atlassian Stack

Atlassian Stack is a bundled offering that includes all Atlassian Data Center, Atlassian Server, Atlassian Add-ons products, and Premier Support. Reduce procurement costs & complexity; and connect all your teams to Atlassian.

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