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The Right Managed & Hosted Jira Solution for Every Team

Host Atlassian Jira Your Way on AWS

With Elasity, you get a managed version of Atlassian Jira that will improve your teams performance. Your instances of Jira are hosted and managed on the AWS cloud – the most global, secure, elastic cloud computing platform in the world.

Jira makes teams more agile, removing friction from deployments to maximize productivity and deliver better results.

Elasity is ideal for organizations looking for a robust and flexible cloud hosting solution for Jira Server or Data Centre. Whether you currently host Jira on-premise and want to reduce your reliance on in-house resources, or you are frustrated by the limitations of your current cloud-hosted Jira provider, Elasity is your ideal Jira cloud-hosted solution.

Managed Atlassian Jira

Unlock the Power of Jira with Elasity

Global Availability and Data Residency Compliance

Unlike virtually any other cloud hosting provider, you can choose from 10+ AWS Global Regions with multiple Availability Zones and data centers. You also retain complete control and ownership over the Region in which your data is physically located, making it easy to meet data residency requirements.

Deploy Jira Your Way – Server or Data Center Versions

Easily pre-integrate and deploy Jira with other Atlassian applications. Your 3rd party add-ons and integrations are integral to your Atlassian solution and fully supported by Elasity. No administration knowledge required. Just add projects and enable your teams to thrive. It’s that simple!

A Fully Managed Atlassian Hosting Service

Let us handle all the technical aspects that come with Jira and Atlassian hosting. We will proactively update both core applications and plugins, manage licenses, and monitor performance, guaranteeing maximum security and advanced tuning so your teams can focus on delivering great results.

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Managed Atlassian

Recorded Webinar: Atlassian Enterprise Day

If you couldn’t make it to our recent webinar with AWS and Atlassian, no need to worry. We recorded the entire webinar, so you can learn about AWS, Atlassian, and how you can scale mission-critical applications on AWS.

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