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Host Your Atlassian Bitbucket Data Center on AWS

Bitbucket is the Git solution professional teams prefer.  It lets you secure workflows, architect and execute flexible deployments, integrate continuously with other Atlassian applications, and collaborate in real time.

With Bitbucket Data Center, you get features unavailable for Bitbucket Server including smart mirroring, active-active clustering, zero downtime backup and integrity testing, and SAML 2.0 support.

Elasity gives you a better performing Bitbucket and better performing teams. Your instances of Bitbucket are hosted and managed on the AWS cloud – the most global, secure, elastic cloud computing platform in the world. Whether you currently host Bitbucket on-premise and want to reduce your reliance on in-house resources, or you are frustrated by the limitations of your current cloud-hosted Bitbucket provider, Elasity is your ideal Bitbucket cloud-hosted solution.


Host Your Atlassian Bitbucket Data Center on AWS
Host Your Atlassian Bitbucket Data Center on AWS

Maximize Scalability, Performance, and Productivity with Bitbucket Data Center

bitbucket data center

Next Generation Git

Bitbucket Data Center is the next-generation solution, providing active-active clustering to maintain high availability and smart mirroring to maximize performance even when your teams are geographically dispersed.

Maximize Scalability, Performance, and Productivity with Bitbucket Data

Collaborate At Scale

Bitbucket Data Center’s range of innovative features (including pull requests, code searches, smart commits, Git Large File Storage (LFS) and mirroring, and more) help teams support their growing needs.

Instant Scalability with Atlassian Data Center

Integrations that Matter

Bitbucket Data Center lets teams tailor their platform with add-ons and integrations. You can choose from out-of-the-box tools or hundreds of add-ons from the Atlassian marketplace – customizing solutions to fit your situation.

Unlock the Power of Bitbucket Data Center with Elasity

Global Availability and Data Residency Compliance

Unlike virtually any other cloud hosting provider, you can choose from 10+ AWS Global Regions with multiple Availability Zones and data centers. You also retain complete control and ownership over the Region in which your data is physically located, making it easy to meet data residency requirements.

A Fully Managed Atlassian Data Center Hosting Solution

Let us handle all the technical aspects that come with Data Center and Atlassian hosting. We will proactively update both core applications and plugins, manage your licenses, and monitor performance, guaranteeing maximum security and advanced tuning so your teams can focus on delivering great results.

Expert Support Wherever and Whenever You Need It

We are a team of certified AWS and Atlassian experts, with over a decade of success delivering outstanding customer experiences. When you need us, just call! We’re ready to provide the support that will enable you to thrive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Atlassian’s Data Center offering provides unparalleled performance and flexibility, so large teams can be as productive and effcient as possible. However, the only realistic option to leverage the full power of Data Center has been limited to a robust on-premise or hosted solution - until now.

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