hipchat-overview-hero (2)HipChat is built to supercharge collaboration, letting teams get more done where, when, and how they need to. But are your teams getting the most out of their HipChat experience?

Last year Atlassian introduced a number of new, dynamic HipChat features and released a blog with tips about how to make the most of the changes. We’ve highlighted some of them for you:

1.     Connect Everything to HipChat

HipChat Connect is a new API for HipChat which allows developers to build fully-functioning, integrated, and business-smart add-ons. For users, this means less bouncing between apps, more collaboration among teams, and quicker decision-making.

Some of the add-ons currently available through HipChat Connect include:

  • Uber
  • Zendesk
  • StatusPage
  • Facebook
  • Sentry

2.     Express Yourself with Emoticons

HipChat helps teams get creative – letting them develop their own emoticons using HipChat’s shrink ray. Last year, HipChat increased the limit set on user-created custom emoticons from 100 to 500.

3.     Bring Your Teams Closer Together

With the HipChat of old, connecting accounts and navigating between them could be difficult. HipChat has changed that, making it easy to set up and traverse multiple accounts through one platform.

4.     Personalize Your HipChat Experience

With the updated HipChat, you can:

  • Adjust the theme of your main page, taking it from light to dark mode.
  • Set your text density.
  • Customize your avatars, even adding an animated gif avatar.
  • Display names or mentions.

This helps you feel at home in your HipChat, making you more comfortable and productive.

5.     Create Room-Specific Notifications and Settings

Not every room needs to or should look alike. To adapt to shifting priorities and projects, HipChat lets you setup room-specific notifications and even adjust volumes. You can change these settings around whenever you need to, just as projects and priorities evolve.

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Andy Mao