ebook Atlassian Data Center on AWS

For Enterprise users, Atlassian’s Data Center offering provides unparalleled performance and flexibility, coupled with high availability so large teams can be as productive and efficient as possible. Despite the desire of many companies to take advantage of the cloud, the only realistic option to leverage the full power of Data Center has been limited to a robust on-premise or hosted solution – until now.

In this eBook, we dive into the 4 must-read considerations for success when launching Atlassian Data Center and its’ applications on AWS. You can download the ebook by following the link below.

Taylor Graham

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Taylor is highly motivated individual with a passion for start-ups, technology, and marketing. Through years of working with start-ups to define marketing plans and strategies, Taylor understands what essential elements are needed to capture valuable leads at the right place and the right time. Taylor is focused on expanding iTMethods marketing initiatives, as more businesses turn to the AWS cloud to develop and grow their business.