atlassian-stack-presentationAs your organization grows, the Atlassian applications and add-ons your teams rely on quickly become mission critical. Comprehensive standardisation is the key to managing them efficiently, effectively, and ultimately achieving better results.

Atlassian Stack gives you everything your teams need – bundling all Atlassian Server and Data Center applications together in one place and at one price. Overall, the Atlassian Stack costs approximately 50% compared to purchasing each à-la-carte product for the same user tier. Whether you’re looking for simplified solutions, visibility across multiple work streams, or standards for commonly used tools, Atlassian Stack is the answer you’ve been searching for. Atlassian Stack can only be purchased exclusively from Atlassian Experts, contact us for a quote!

What is the Atlassian Stack?

Atlassian Stack combines all Atlassian products (including application-specific features and functionalities) into one bundled offering with a simplified price tag. It starts at 1,000 users (going all the way up to 10,000) and incorporates both Data Center and Premier Support:

Data Center

Data Center is designed for enterprises, offering high availability, multi-node, instant scalability, performance at scale, and disaster recovery:

  • High Availability: Data Center clusters active-active servers, shares files, and proactively balances loads to ensure you have uninterrupted access to your most critical applications (even if a failure occurs).
  • Performance at Scale: However many nodes you have, a Data Center deployment will let you boost capacity without sacrificing performance. Built-in resilience and nodes dedicated for specific tasks provide the high-quality service your teams rely on.
  • Instant Scalability: Add new nodes without taking your system offline, dynamically growing volume as your usage increases.

Premier Support

Take advantage of dedicated, global assistance from Senior Support Engineers (SSEs):

  • A Dedicated Support Team: This gives you direct access to highly experienced and trained engineers, ready to diagnose any issues affecting your environment.
  • More Rapid SLAs: Premier Support will respond within 30 minutes to any business-critical ticket you submit and within two hours for all non-critical issues.
  • Rapid Escalation for Priority Issues: Premier Support will fast-track mission-critical problems as quickly as necessary with global, 24-hour warm handoffs.
  • 24/7 Support and Coverage: This includes assistance with maintenance, scheduled outages, and more.

Data Center


Adds-Ons + Service

Portfolio for JIRA

Capture for JIRA

Questions for Confluence

Team Calendars for Confluence

Premier Support

Atlassian Stack enables:

  • Standardization Across Teams: Your teams get all the tools they need to collaborate at every step – whether that means tracking development, following changes to code, or understanding the impacts improvements are having on customers.
  • Comprehensive Software Development Solutions: Encourage intra- and inter-team communication, integrating all your Atlassian applications for better results in less time.
  • Scale Seamlessly: Downtime is never welcome, but it becomes especially problematic when it affects mission-critical tools. Bundling your Atlassian applications and add-ons gives you maximum flexibility, availability, and control where, when, and how you need.
  • Simplify Procurement: Atlassian Stack reduces complexities to make upgrading and renewing easier than ever.

Atlassian Stack is your full enterprise solution. It gives you everything you need from Atlassian, letting your teams unlock their full potential.

Build Your Atlassian Stack on AWS Your Way with Elasity

Whether you have 1,000 or 10,000 users, bundling your Atlassian applications, add-ons, and services gives you the flexibility and performance you rely on from Atlassian plus the security and power built into the AWS Cloud:

  • Run Atlassian Stack Your Way. With Elasity, all applications are pre-integrated and ready to be deployed. Simply add projects and go!
  • Global Availability and Data Residency Requirements: You can choose from AWS’ 16+ Regions, each with multiple Availability Zones and data centers. You’ll retain complete control over the Region in which your data is located to ensure you’re able to meet data residency requirements.
  • A Fully Managed Solution: We’re here to handle the technical details, proactively updating core applications and plugins to ensure unparalleled security, speed, and performance.
  • Expert Support Where and When You Need It: Our certified Atlassian and AWS experts have over a decade of experience delivering outstanding experiences. Just call when you need us! We’re here to provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Building your Atlassian Stack on AWS means your teams can focus on what matters – improving development processes and release times by simplifying deployment, integration, and ongoing support.

Interested in purchasing Atlassian Stack from Elasity? Contact us for a quote!

Looking to host Atlassian on AWS? Elasity is the world’s most secure and flexible cloud hosting platform for Atlassian applications in the world. We have a dedicated team that can provide 24/7 expert support to help manage your Atlassian stack, while you focus on running your business. Contact us to get started today!

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