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As a member of Pledge 1% – a corporate philanthropy movement encouraging and empowering companies to dedicate 1% of their profit, product, equity, or time to improve the communities around them – iTMethods was excited and proud to take part in a time-giving initiative by partnering with Evergreen! Evergreen, founded in 1991, strives to transform public landscapes into thriving community spaces and inspire action in green cities. It has planted over 42,000 native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers in parks and public areas since 2013.

Elasity Planting Trees

iTMethods recently participated in one of Evergreen’s events, planting over 200 trees! As an Atlassian partner and member of the Pledge 1% movement with an international customer base, we are committed to giving back 1% of our time to effect positive change in both our local and global communities.

“We are proud to be part of the Pledge 1% movement and work with organizations like Evergreen,” said Paul Goldman, CEO of iTMethods. “Partnering with Evergreen allows us to give back in a meaningful way and is aligned with our core values of openness, teamwork, and social responsibility. We look forward to giving back on a global scale and encourage our customers around the world to do the same.”

elasity-planting-trees-2iTMethods Encourages You to Pledge 1%

The pledge 1% movement aims to make the community a stakeholder in every business. As a sponsor of the Atlassian Summit, iTMethods will also be encouraging all attendees and partners at the event to get involved – pledging 1% of their equity, product, profit, or time to their community.

If you haven’t yet signed up for this year’s Atlassian Summit, register today to join us there!

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